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At Clockhouse Podiatry we offer a full range of foot health services delivered by Foot Health Practitioners and Podiatrists to give you the chance to enjoy healthy happy feet. Now part of the Total Therapy Studios group of practices in Horsham, find out how we can support your overall footcare.
Treatment and Prices

Standard Appointment

Appointment price: £50
30 minute appointment

This appointment is recommended for anyone who has concerns about their foot health, and your specific needs will be supported by either a Podiatrist or a Foot-Health practitioner. We can support with almost all issues, but please do take a moment to provide as much information as you can when booking your appointment so we can ensure you're seen by the most appropriate therapist.

At the start of your appointment, the therapist will ask you to remove your shoes and socks in order for your feet to be assessed. This is a naturally a great opportunity to share any foot-care concerns with them.

Our treatments begin with a warm relaxing footbath, and any issues that you might have can be addressed. This will normally also include ensuring that any hard skin, or nail issues can be looked at too. Our team are experts in not only dealing with any issues that you may have, but also educating around general foot-health to make sure problems can be avoided in the future.

To conclude, a nourishing moisturiser is applied to your feet. Aftercare information will be given with recommendations to help you keep your feet in good condition.

Full Biomechanical Assessment

Appointment price: £110
For all clients
60 minute appointment

There are few people with a perfect musculo-skeletal system, and as such there are few people with the perfect leg and foot. This means that most people may be prone to aches, pains, and strains of the foot, leg and lower back.The biomechanical assessment enables the Podiatrist, to understand how your lower limbs function when you walk or run. They do this by measuring the range of movement possible and the quality of movement, around the hips, knees, ankles and joints within the feet. Also while taking these measurements the Podiatrist is able to check the muscles that function around these joints. The Podiatrist will also check for limb length problems. Having taken these measurements with you lying down, the Podiatrist will also take some measurements with you standing.

Having assessed these joints and the position of the limbs, the Podiatrist will be able to explain to you how these are affecting the way you walk and run. This will also help you to understand why you may have aches and pains in the foot, leg or lower back. At the end of the assessment, if there is a biomechanical problem that the Podiatrist can help you with, they will give you advice on the treatments available. These treatments may include the need to use orthoses. If this is the case the Podiatrist will inform you of the choice of orthoses available. As part of your treatment you may be given exercises to help improve muscle function.